Topic 3 is now available for download on the LGA3103 Stories page. Also the other modules that are there (topics 1, 2, 6, 9 and APPENDIX) have been updated - I noticed that I had made some small errors, and I have added some parts.
The final topics are available on the page TSL3111 RESOURCES.
Also, an all-in-one version is available - not all printers can handle printing a large document at
The existing modules have been adjusted slightly (to fit better with the LAM-PT05-02, if you know. The module for topic 5 is added - the final one, topic 6 will be ready soon. They can all be found on the TSL3111 RESOURCES page. (click on the link)
Some of the module topics for LGA3103 can now be downloaded from this page.
Of course other materials are also available on the Stories for Malaysian Kids website.
Topic 3 in TSL3111 has some additional material.
Remember to fill in the contact form if you wish to have the lecturers' notes. :)
Notes are available here for the first four (of seven) topics in the new course TSL3111 Developing and Using Resources for the Primary ESL Classroom.
These are the student notes, with worksheets. For those in a teaching / lecturing position the notes with answers are available
Photos taken at MELTA 2013 in Johor Bahru can be found on the Photos 2013 page. The workshop papers that were presented can be downloaded from the MELTA 2013 page.